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First, sit down and write down everything that comes to mind regarding the chosen apartment, do not stop yourself, even if it will be silly and insignificant at first glance, but if it is important to meet with the housing of your dreams, it all automatically becomes meaningful. Next, find out all the things you are interested in from the realtor who helps you with the selection of apartments in Phuket.

In addition to private questions, there are a number of general ones that you should definitely pay attention to. It is these main points that will be discussed below.

To begin with, we recommend asking the very first questions yourself:

What kind of apartment can I afford?

Perhaps you dream of a luxurious penthouse with a view of fantastic sunsets on the Andaman Sea and a Jacuzzi on the balcony, but its cost is far beyond your acceptable price range. Then there are several options for further developments. Perhaps to choose an apartment under construction, where the payment is made in stages. Or find out if the developer has an agreement with a local bank for loans to foreign customers. Or look for apartments that can be purchased with the amount of money you already have. If you need it apartment phuket to buy, go to the website

General information on rental housing

  • Phuket province is considered the most expensive region in Thailand;
  • The high season is January and February. You should expect higher prices in these months and especially on the eve of the Chinese New Year (end of February-beginning of March);
  • Long-term rentals are always cheaper. The cost of renting for six months and a year is usually lower by 20-30%;
  • The closer to the sea, the more expensive;
  • If you are able to travel by bike or rent a car in Phuket, it makes no sense to overpay for proximity to the sea. We have instructions on how to get a Category A license in Phuket;
  • Avoid Russian mediators — they charge high prices, taking advantage of the fact that compatriots do not know English. Russian middleman — is a guaranteed overpayment;
  • The cost of electricity and water may vary slightly in different areas of the island;
  • When renting a house, keep in mind that it was away from major roads, schools, markets. 100 meters from the road is already quite enough to the house was quiet.
  • If you plan to work out, then we have a list of gyms in Phuket.

Apartments in Patong

Patong — the most densely populated tourist area of the island. Prices for accommodations in Patong strongly depend on the season. In low season, from May to September, you can find good options in modern condiques for 12-15 thousand baht within walking distance of the beach. From November to March the cost rises by 3 times. The closer to the beach housing, the more expensive. The most budget options in the area Nanai Rd and Soi Khlong Bang Wat.

Budget options in Patong

The cheapest accommodations in Patong are on Nanai Road and nearby streets. Nanai road is popularly known simply as Nanayka. Street coordinates: 7.895386, 98.305320. You can also buy a very reasonably priced room at Soi Khlong Bang Wat (7.901313, 98.308184). For our picky tastes we didn’t choose anything, but we saw a good room at 9-10 thousand baht per month with air conditioning, balcony and walking distance to the beach.

Apartments on Karon

In Karon, there are big hotels. Apartments and cheap penthouses can be found near the mountains or on the side of the beach, in the direction of Kata and the small town to the north.

Accommodation in Kata Beach

Kata is one of the most popular beaches on the island after Patong. The first line is built up with hotels. It is better to look for long term accommodation in the interior of the town around Patak Rd.

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